The P3Solar 200W Rollable Solar Charger, designed for use with the EZ-Out collapsible mounting frame
or standalone, provides a significant amount of solar energy for battery charging. At 29w/pounds, the
200W rollable is lightweight and compact rolling to a 5” diameter making it easy to transport and store.

Reliable and portable solar power for mission critical electronic gear.

Deployed, mm:318 x 829 x 1
Deployed, inches:12.5 x 32.625 x 0.04
Rolled, mm:152 x 318 x 13
Rolled, inches: 4 x 12.5 x 0.5
Weight: kg (Ib).23 (.50 )
Max Output:21 watt (18v at 1200mA)


Perfect for charging:

• Rechargeable Batteries
• GPS Devices
• Laptop Computers
• 2-way Radios
• Satellite & Cell Phones
• PDAs MP3 Players
• Satellite Terminals
• Thermal Imaging Camera’s
• Laser Rangefinders

Available in Coyote and Black



Part # 21137



Part #20089

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