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P3Solar Announces the Dynamo Plus:

Have you ever been in a situation when you’re vehicle won’t start and there’s no one around to provide you a jumpstart?

Does your job require field work where you are off the electrical grid and don’t have access to power for a period of time?

Have you ever thought about doing your work from the park, the beach, or a mountain top, but haven’t because of no power?

Do you enjoy outdoor recreational activities but would still like to able to use your personal electronic devices?

May 2015 – P3Solar announces a new Portable Power Pack with Immediate Availability! The Dynamo Plus provides a lightweight portable battery pack with an integrated P3Solar 25 watt folding solar panel that is being used by the U.S. Military. The battery pack has a built in vehicle jump start capability and can power most electronic devices including; cell phones, smartphones, tablets, notebook computers, satellite communications equipment and much more…

Jim Kimbrough, President of P3Solar stated,
“We are very excited about the launch of the new Dynamo Plus. We consider this a personal power generating system that is self-sustaining and is lightweight and portable for power on the go. The entire kit weighs about 4lbs and with the custom carrying case makes for a compact design that is easy to pack and carry. This system is very functional in that the battery can be charged from solar, an 110V electrical outlet, or from a vehicle, all at about the same rate. I keep this system in my car in case of an emergency jump start situation, take on trips to power my smartphone and laptop, and while hiking to charge my gear off the folding solar panel.” For more details and pricing, please contact P3Solar at info@p3solar.com or click here.