About Us

The Solar Portables Business, Inc. (dba P3Solar) was originally started by Global Solar Energy in 2001 and developed its first lightweight P3 military grade portable solar charger for the United States Marine Corp (USMC).  This led to a contract with the United States Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) for development of the P3-55 watt solar charger as part of the Bren-tronics Soldier Photovoltaic Portable Power Pack (SP4). The SP4 evolved to the Rucksack Enhanced Portable Power System (REPPS) and today includes the P3-62 watt solar charger.

In 2008, the United States Marine Corp awarded the Solar Portable Alternative Communications Energy System (SPACES I) contract to Iris Technologies which developed a kit including two P3-62w solar chargers. In 2012, the Marine Corp awarded Iris Technologies a follow on contract for SPACES II (next generation) which includes two P3-62w solar chargers per kit.

Global Solar Energy and now P3Solar has shipped over 50,000 P3 solar chargers to US Military and Allied Forces around the world and continues to supply a line of P3 products including; the second generation P3-20W, P3-30W, P3-60W, P3-100W, and P3-125W available in Desert (Tan) and Woodland (Green) camouflage, Multicam all purpose camouflage and Black.  This generation offers higher efficiency and lighter weight.

Derived from the military version a series of commercial charges are offered in rollable format providing a more cost effective solution. These come in 50W, 80W and 200W versions in Saffron yellow or Coyote tan.  Custom colors available for large orders.

I just wanted to give some praise for the fantastic Sunlinq solar panel
which I purchased late last year. I needed the unit to charge devices on a trip to the Himalayas in
Nepal. The product is really versatile and lived up to my
expectations in the demanding environment of the Himalayas.

Christian Wilson, Sydney Australia

The solar panels operate in the very harsh environment of the Grand Canyon. This desert environment consists of sand (in everything) and temperature extremes of up to 118°F. Also the marine environment of a river trip helps to make for frequent failure of most solar panels. The Sunlinq 25Ws hold up well in these conditions. Thank you P3Solar for a great product.

Monte Tillinghast, Grand Canyon River Guide

Thanks P3Solar for making some incredible solar panels and taking our tech gear fully charged to the top of Canada and the 2nd highest mountain in North America, Mount Logan. After 35 days in 100 mph wind storms, -35˚ C nights, the equipment was there for us every time we needed it. Now we don’t leave on an expedition with out P3Solar!”

James Coleridge, CanaTREK