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P3Solar Launches New Foldable & Rollable Solar Chargers

200W-24V-ROLLABLE-SAFFRON-(PN-20124)-DEPLOYEDTucson, AZ., – P3Solar has launched a new line of lightweight portable solar chargers on our web site, p3solar.com. The P3Solar product line now consists of products ranging in output from 20 – 200 watts in foldable and rollable formats.

Jim Kimbrough, President of P3Solar stated, “We are very excited about the launch of our new foldable and rollable solar chargers on the P3Solar website. Although we have been shipping many of these new products to our customers over the past 6-months, we just recently have been able to update the site with all the new product spec sheets and images. The new products replace many of the traditional P3 and Sunlinq products and offer our customers a higher efficiency, lighter weight, smaller sized and more cost effective solar charging solution than previous versions.”

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