The 200W Rollable Solar Charger, designed for use with the EZ-Out collapsible mounting frame or standalone, provides a significant amount of solar energy for battery charging. At 40w/pounds, the 200W rollable is lightweight and compact rolling to a 5” diameter making it easy to transport and store. The 200W has built in bypass diodes so it’s very shade tolerant!

Reliable and portable solar power for mission critical electronic gear.

Deployed, mm:889 x 1956 x 1.0
Deployed, inches:38.625 x 77.75 x 0.04
Rolled, mm:127 Dia x 981
Rolled, inches: 5 Dia x 38.625
Weight: kg (Ib)3.18 (7.0 )
Max Output:200 watt (38v at 5200mA)


Perfect for charging:

• Rechargeable Batteries
• GPS Devices
• Laptop Computers
• 2-way Radios
• Satellite & Cell Phones
• PDAs MP3 Players
• Satellite Terminals
• Thermal Imaging Camera’s
• Laser Rangefinders

Available in Saffron (Yellow) or Coyote (Brown)


Saffron (Yellow)

Part #20124


Coyote (Brown)

Part # 20125

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